The day when the temperature soars high and makes the weather hot as hell even at 8 am in the morning and it’s time to rush for the work, people go crazy with the sweat and heat barging onto them. Especially for women, the hot summer days aggravate the problems as they have to manage everything from home to work. But who said, women cannot have fashion and comfort while working so laboriously in this scorching heat. Just with the right choice of clothing paired with perfectly comfortable and stylish hosiery which includes women’s leggings and tights, socks, shoes and accessories, one can create a splendid fashion statement.

Everyone gets scared the moment summer knocks the doors. Profuse sweating, possibilities of exhaustion and suffocation and chances of getting skin diseases, rashes, itching, blisters and infection, is no less than a horrifying nightmare. Whether these are leggings, tights or socks, sweat retaining or degraded material and misfit designs of the hosiery, just adds to the severity of the situation. Don’t panic! The true guide for the summer hosiery shopping with material selection ideas and trending fashion tips is going to help you fight this cruel weather.

A perfect look with perfectly paired leggings:

They come as a women’s best companion to stay trendy and fashionable, without compromising the comfort. There are a number of options in leggings for women ranging from Churidar leggings to Ankle leggings and Capri leggings to finest Sheer leggings. This summer, pastel shades and bold prints both are in trend for their sensational look. The fine quality cotton used in leggings help to wick sweat away, keeps the skin well-ventilated while saving the legs from sunburns.

The pairing of a long kurta, anarkali or tunic with cotton-lycrachuridar leggings, can make a lady look perfect for office or formal occasion and casual dinners. Cool colors and pastel shades of Ankle leggings and Capri leggings style perfectly with tunics, dresses and short kurtas. Yet the secret of scintillating looksin modern attire come with sheer leggings only. Be it a short dress or a summer cardigan, rightly paired subtle colored sheer leggings can give the most attractive look for a party or any casual occasion. For a chic sporty look, leggings can also be worn with tank tops and crop sweatshirts. Anyone who is searching for a store to buy leggings, can find an exclusive fashionable range of plain and printed leggings on the Bonjour portal.

Trendy tights and underskirts for a slack hack:

Planning on pairing tights with modern dresses this summer? Hold it right there and sneak back into the wardrobe for revising the options. Though mostly used in winters, yet tights can be very handy in summers if chosen wisely. Go for the tights made of cotton &lycra and don’t forget to pick the stretchable ones. These wouldn’t just save from sunburns and sweating problems but would hide unwanted marks and hair, making you more confident to wear short dresses and be a fashionista. Even when it is time for the fitness session in gym or jogging routine, there isn’t a better companion than cotton tights to stretch the body well. One point that has to be kept in mind while selecting the right pair, is the combination of design, print, and color.

When switching to western attire, one needs to be confident about their looks. Here is the role of an underskirt to shape up the legs and give absolute comfort. Next time, if it’s a corporate meet in the office or any official lunch, put on a skirt with matching underskirt and confidently grab the title of a blazing beauty. Innerwear for women is really important as they act as the second skin and the first comfort zone, beneath every dress.

Breeze in style through the summers:

The thin line between being a style maestro and a fashion blunder often creates chaos in most women’s wardrobes, which may cause embarrassment. The key to play safe is sticking to the basic guidelines and smart color selection. Apart from a wide variety of leggings, tights, and undershirts, Bonjour has an exclusive range of knee high socks and inner hose that can swiftly set the classy attire for a women’s formal or casual appearance. This is a must-know for all fashion enthusiastic women, to find latest trendy wear with suitable material and quality knitting of the fabric.

Be it an Indian dress style or modern attire, hosiery, socks, and accessories are going to be the silent artists in the creation of the perfect masterpiece. Ready to smash the heat with cool trends? Follow up for more interesting fashion tips, style hacks, and comforting products.