The importance of socks in daily life should be emphasized. For instance, while socks have the potential to make a terrific outfit they also an ability to rescue a drab outfit and transform it into a presentable one. Just like polite society, socks also have etiquette that should be followed when they’re worn. Among men, this etiquette translates to wearing men’s socks as far up the shin as the socks allow. This means that the elastic of the men’s sock should be pulled up as high as possible.

Kid’s Socks and Women’s Socks

Among children who wear kids socks, however, etiquette demands that socks not be pulled up to their full extent. Instead, children want the elastic of their kid's socks to rest as close to their ankles as possible. Women prefer to wear women’s socks which are feminine in texture and colour; women’s socks are also often longer than men’s socks and may be dark in colour as well. Women employed in professional jobs often take great care in the selection of hosiery they wear to work.

Socks and Different Occupations

Among different jobs, there are preferences for different varieties of socks. This makes plain the importance of socks in helping to distinguish one role from another and in doing a small part in creating people's identities. For instance, in the defence services, there is a clear preference for blue socks in the Air Force and Navy while often soldiers in the army are equipped with brown coloured socks. Often tennis players wear white socks while at the recently concluded football world cup all the players wore socks that matched their countries and teams colours.

A Sock Can Be More Than a Sock

The importance of socks, whether they be men’s socks or women’s socks is revealed through some basic socks hacks that make plain the versatility of socks. A gym or exercise buff who sweats out regularly may use a discarded pair of socks to fashion sweatbands. This is done easily by cutting a 2-inch wide elastic strip from the mouth of a sock. The elastic strip cut from a sock can be put around the wrist before going to the gym or before a run. One may also use men’s socks, women’s socks, or kids socks as a handy umbrella case. This is especially useful when entering a car with an umbrella that is wet. A sock can be used to hold the closed and wet umbrella and hence to keep the car dry.  

Shopping for Socks

Thankfully buying that perfect pair of socks while unhindered by pushy salesmen has become easier today than ever before. The presence of online socks stores means that shoppers can look at dozens of different varieties of socks in a short span of time. Online socks stores also make it possible to shop without being pushed to buy from eager salesmen.