Finally, the summer is back with all scorching heat and profuse sweating. This is the time to change wardrobe and especially for fashion enthusiasts to set the trend again. Fashion doesn’t only relate to aesthetic appeal but comfort is also a quintessential part of it. What seems to have the negligible impression on one’s personality, are the true factors of evaluating the same. Being trendy with socks is really crucial because that is going to tell the person’s lifestyle to others.

Do people need to worry about socks? Absolutely yes! The importance of socks in fashion can’t be avoided at any cost. With the summer knocking the doors, it is time for getting the ‘no show’ socks out again. Feet are the most laborious part of human body and they sweat the most as well. One should not take risk of wearing uncomfortable socks made of inappropriate materials or to stay sockless.

The complete checklist of Do’s and Don’ts of ‘No show socks’ for this summer is here as a guide for the utmost comfort and fashionable look.


  • Buy low cut no show socks - Whether the shoes are sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, espadrilles or moccasins, go for the low cut no show socks as it doesn’t come on the top and sides of the foot and stay true to its name, the ‘no show’ socks. Though with formal high vamp shoes and ankle length sneakers, even high cut no show socks can do the work. The socks liners visible from the shoes can actually make it a fashion blunder.

  • Go for the best quality moisture repelling & quick dry material - When wearing shoes, cautiously choose the socks that can wick sweat away. The real purpose of wearing socks is to control the temperature and moisture of feet covered under the shoes. No show socks made up of Merino wool or other woolen materials with moisture repelling & quick dry quality are the best options to opt for. Swampy feet can cause diseases and also bring obnoxious odor when the shoes are put off. Thus, the material of no show socks must be up to the mark.

  • No show socks with heel grips – The most common complaint with no show socks is that they slide off the feet inside the shoe, do not adjust properly or fall apart easily. Always buy the no show socks that has rubberized heel grip or additional padding to help the socks stay in place and don’t slide off the feet.


  • Never go for moisture retaining or non-breathable material – Market has numerous options for no show socks in different materials but only moisture repelling and breathable material can make a perfect pair of no show socks. It is indeed really important to check the material of socks. One wrong choice can lead to sweaty – swampy feet making one shy to take off shoes in front of others, and can even cause skin diseases like blisters, athlete’s foot and itching.

  • Never buy shapeless no show socks – When someone wears a pair of shapeless socks, the discomfort in feet is inevitable. Always be careful when buying no show socks that it must take the shape of the foot when worn. Imagine taking off the shoes in front of someone and the look of shapeless socks are enough to bring the embarrassment.  

  • Never mismatch the shoes, the occasion and the look – Planning to hang out with friends? Don’t pair high cut no show socks with low vamp loafers or sneakers because that visible upper line of socks peeping out of the shoes can make it look bad. It is already said that fashion and comfort go hand in hand. Thus, don’t forget the fashion in lieu of comfort and pair no show socks with right shoes and clothing as per the occasion.

The bottom line for the guide is to go for comfortable, soft, long lasting, defined cut ‘no show’ socks made up of breathable, moisture wicking material with a proper heel grip and padding for the sole. Break the stereotype and trend up with the latest fashion and best quality socks from Bonjour.