Yeah !!! Socks with sandals!! What do you think? The very thought might make you feel weird but yes, this is in vogue and has been making news in the fashion industry globally and fashion freaks are considering this as a funky fashion statement today. There has been fashion revivals over the past few years and this is surely one of them and is no more considered a fashion faux pas. As designers and celebrities are embracing this fashion trend, the style conscious are following.

So how do you pull off this style? Choose the right combination that compliments your look and style. Classic or contemporary, casual or relaxed, whatever look you choose, match your socks and sandals accordingly which in turn will make a bold fashion statement and make heads turn. The combination of the right socks with the right sandal is also equally important. Casual or quirky, wedges or feminine, the right match will do wonders to your look and elevate your style statement. With the warmth of summers, people are opting for sandals and wearing socks, spelling style to their look.

Inspired by this trend? So what are you waiting for? Spell magic to your look with this funky combo and step out in style.