Mens Cotton Pack of 3 pairs Loafer Socks

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Shoe Liners

Wearing shoes without socks can be uncomfortable, causing pain and unpleasantness to you. So, try our range of socks liner online and add a spell of magic to your look. These men socks liner can be worn under boots and sneakers offering all day comfort. From simple men socks liner to colourful men socks liner and designer socks liner, we have exclusive range of socks liner online for you. To view our range of socks liner online, click on socks liner category.

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In summer season going sockless leads to sweat and odour & for this Bonjour presents Mens Cotton Multicolour Loafer socks with Anti-Slip Silicon grip on Heel. We all want to go sockless when it’s too hot out. If You like the shoe or sandals without showy ankles, so buy this cotton, comfy socks & end up slipping off of the socks while walking.
Cotton & Lycra give you comfort with stretchability.
Perfect for daily use and easy to take off or wear.
Unique design that will look nice.
Ventilate, Absorbent, Comfortable with an invisible look.
Anti-slip silicon grip on the heel.
Colour that will matchable with any shoes or sneakers.
This low cut length will give you coverage for your feet without being seen above your shoe line.
Easy to clean.