Mens Cotton Multicolour Cushioned 4 Pair Quarter Length Jogger Socks

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Men's Sports Socks

For a sports enthusiastic person, who is very fond of running and playing or just walking around, our range of sports socks online will be a best pick for him. These sports socks are made of cotton- Lycra yarn which will keep you cool & dry throughout the day. Sports sock absorbs sweat keeping you away from bacterial and fungal infection. These men’s sports socks are designed specially for sports and outdoor activity. From fashionable men’s sports socks to specialist men’s sports socks we have exclusive range of sports socks online. To view all our sports socks online click on your sports socks category.

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Rs. 799.00
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Just one look at the socks in this Four pairs pack of Bonjour Mens Multicolour Joggers Quarter Length Sports Socks tells you that they are no ordinary sports socks.
These Socks allow you to train longer and harder with no discomfort. Ideal for running, the gym and all types of court games including tennis.
• These socks have added Lycra content for extra comfort and a perfect fit,
• Self-Designed with Quarter Length suits well with any attire.
• Super softened cotton yarn wicks moisture away from the feet so that you stay cool and comfortable.
• Ideal for running, gym and all types of court games including tennis.
• Cotton with Lycra yarn ensures all day freshness.
• It eases leg tension prevent tired aching legs for those who have to lots of walking.
• All Four pairs are in Multicolour which provides option for office going people.