Vami Woolen Ankle Length Legging-Ink Blue

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VM3001_Ink Blue
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Woolen Ankle Leggings

As soon as new season arrives, we all start wondering what is the latest trend in this season. Stop worrying, look ravishing and relish every moment of this beautiful weather by our range of woolen ankle leggings online. You can also spice up your winter collection of black and beige with these colourful woolen ankle leggings available in different colors. Pair up your favourite color woolen ankle legging with a trendy overcoat or tunic, long boots, tasteful accessories and you are geared up to become a showstopper. We have an exclusive collection of all woolen ankle leggings online for you. To view our range of woolen ankle leggings online, click on woolen ankle leggings category.

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Mix and match with these comfortable and convenient woolen ankle length legging from Vami. This woolen legging is perfect for casual and formal wear. Made from the richest yarn which will ensure your leg warm all day long. So stop worrying about winter and allow yourself to go anywhere you wish in this season with cozy and warm ankle length leggings. Make winter leggings as a part of our wardrobe this season.


Free Size

Plain Pttern

Wool & Lycra

Ink blue color

Hand Wash. Donot Bleach