Hot Wheels Knitted Baby Tights by Bonjour

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Baby Tights

Stay warm and modest in a skirt in chilly weather with our range of underskirt online. You can wear these underskirt while going to school, doing cycling or doing yoga. These underskirt comes in different fun colors and are extremely stretchable. We have an exclusive range of underskirt online for you in varied shapes, classy colors and design just to complement your personality. To view our range of underskirt online, click on underskirt category

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Rs. 285.00
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Bonjour baby tight keeps your baby’s legs warm in the coldest weather. When the weather is cold outside, this tight prevents small toes and legs from freezing. Made with a mix soft brushed cotton & lycra, treated with a special antimicrobial treatment. These tights offer non bulky , bacteria free warmth. Made from stretchable and breathable fabrics, these can be worn with tees and dresses anytime. Contrast colour with attractive and pretty design make it stylish.
Skin friendly & soft fabric to ensure your babies safety.
Made from soft fabric to give a super soft gentle feel to baby all day long.
Pretty colour used makes it best for pairing up well with any top, tees and T-shirt.
Cotton and Lycra gives stretchable and breathable grip over baby’s skin.
Shaped stitching so tights fit comfortably over nappies.
Made of imported superior quality cotton, stretchable and breathable fabric that is gentle on the child's skin.
Knitted elastic waist to give gentle grip around baby’s waist.