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Men's Multicolored Loafer Socks  - Pack Of 4 - Bonjour Group
  • SKU: BROFM13-PO4

Men Multicolored Loafer Socks - Pack Of 4

₹ 640.00

Men Loafer Socks - In summer season going sock less leads to sweat and odor & for this Bonjour presents Loafer socks with Anti-Slip Silicon grip on Heel. We all want to go sock less when it’s too hot out. If You like the shoe without showy ankles, so buy this cotton, comfy hidden socks & end up slipping off of the socks while walking.

A smooth touch finish gives a clean line, making them an on-trend No show cum fashion sock that combines traditional styling with modern material technology. Hand-linked toes for smooth seams avoid uncomfortable 'bunching' and the Bonjour mark gives you the reassurance of a premium quality product.

Made from soft-touch cotton and a slight amount of lycra for shape and hold, have antibacterial properties can absorb three times the moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable. Bonjour socks have smooth seams and gentle tops, making them even better.

Manufactured by: Zonac Knitting Machines Pvt. Ltd
Sold by: Bonjour Retail

Country of Origin : India