Bonjour Indoor socks: Your Perfect Indoor Partner

Bonjour Group
19 Jan , 2021

Life has taken an unexpected shift, we now spend more time indoors than we spend outdoors. But that in no way has stopped us from styling ourselves and taking on multiple responsibilities right from our homes.  So, here’s presenting a partner designed especially for the multitasker in you, for those who’ve got their hands full with the home + work life, your feet shouldn't stop. Launching the Indoor range of socks by Bonjour that are thoughtfully crafted to give your feet the warmth and comfort they deserve as you tackle the everyday obstacles.

A blend of comfort and style:

If there’s one thing about women that always holds true, it’s that they love to style themselves. Catch on with the best of trends without having to compromise on comfort with our perfect blend of the warmest premium quality terry wool and trendy designs that compliment your indoor outfits. 

Glide through your day at home, no skidding!

Replace your uncomfortable shoes with these terry wool socks that come with a special Anti-Slip (Gripper) Technology so that you can unwind and relax at your home. Our indoor socks protects you from those epic falls while finding the laptop charger & managing the simultaneous doorbells with its anti-skid feature.

Enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling

While harsh winters knock outside, our durable winter home socks keep your feet cozy and comfortable. In addition to that, they are also designed to keep your feet odor-free because of its microbial fabric.  So leave the harsh cold outside and cherish that warm fuzzy feeling indoors.

Strong base:

From running from one room to another to complete your daily chores to carelessly dancing on the sofa on your favorite song, our indoor socks for women are well equipped with a strong and extra cushioned base to handle all your day-to-day activities without tearing away or wearing down.

What makes Bonjour Indoor socks the perfect Indoor Partner for Women?

Women play multiple roles in their life, selflessly delivering warmth to every soul they touch. That is the warmth that every woman deserves too. This is what inspired us to design socks that delivers the very same to the women out there. Our Indoor Socks provides you warmth against the harsh cold with its premium quality wool and excellent features. Coz women, more than anyone are worthy of that warmth too!

So we’ve got everything you are looking for in a partner and more!

Check out our range of features equipped in our Indoor Socks for women that’ll make you want to buy them now:

  • Super stylish and trendy
  • Made with warm Terry wool
  • Tough base
  • Anti-microbial
  • Odor-free
  • Extra cushion for enhanced comfort
  • Anti-slip silicon technology for extra grip
So, here’s to walking through the harsh winters in style, together. Choose us to partner your feet and provide them the everyday comfort they deserve. For those who are looking at acing their indoor life every day, it’s time to bring home your perfect indoor partner.

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