Classic Ivory Bamboo Ankle Socks - Pack of 3
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7 Days No Smell Socks
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Classic Ivory Bamboo Ankle Socks - Pack of 3

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Experience the ultimate combination of style and comfort with our Classic White Bamboo Ankle Socks. Made from 100% natural bamboo yarn, these socks are incredibly soft and provide a luxurious feel that's comparable to a second skin. With its inherent anti-microbial properties, these socks minimize odors, allowing you to wear them up to 7 days. The bamboo fabric also boasts excellent moisture absorption, keeping your feet fresh and dry. Plus, its thermal properties make these socks perfect for year-round wear, keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Key Features

100% Natural bamboo fiber: These socks are made from the finest quality & 100% organically grown natural bamboo fiber. Giving you maximum comfort and softness with the use of only skin friendly materials. Ideal for full-day office sitting or any long activities, providing comfort from morning to night.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly: Bamboo is a fantastic organic material. It grows well in marginal soil and doesn't need irrigation or fertilizer or pesticides to grow. Like bamboo serves to benefit the soil in which it grows, wear these socks to benefit planet Earth for a sustainable future.

Ultra Soft: The silk-like softness of Bamboo fibers is softer than cotton or any other natural or synthetic fiber. This blend with Bamboo makes these socks the best for softness & comfort. Once you experience the ultra-soft natural touch of these Bamboo socks, perfect for sensitive skin.

Extra Cushioning: These socks come with enhanced cushioning at the bottom to give more comfort & support to your feet during running, gymming or other athletic activities. The cushion of these bamboo socks reduces friction in your shoes, reduces the risk of blister formation, improves impact protection and keeps you comfortable all day.

Moisture Absorbent & Anti-odor: The fibers in Bamboo are hollow, allowing them to absorb 5x more moisture than cotton.  Bamboo fiber’s naturally occurring anti-microbial bio-agent ‘bamboo kun’ & the moisture absorbent properties prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria. As a result, while wearing these socks, ensuring your feet stay fresh all week long without change the socks, thanks to its unique "7 Day No Smell" feature.

Thermoregulatory: Bamboo fabric offers excellent ventilation thanks to microscopic holes in the fiber, making it much more breathable than cotton, On cold days, bamboo clothes keep you warmer than cotton due to the cross sectional fibers that help keep heat in.

Step into a new level of comfort with Bonjour Men's Bamboo Ankle Dress Socks, the ideal choice for your formal and everyday needs.

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